♦ Dossier ♦

tal fenik
miqo'te | keeper of the moon
occupation: void hunter (retired)
age: 33
gender: a threat transmasc nonbinary
pronouns: they/them
orientation: monsterfucker demisexual panromantic
height: 5'5"
hair: rust red, streaked with gray
noticeable features: bobbed tail, notched ear, always masked

♦ appearance ♦

The keeper before you is of middling stature, average height and build— or at least, if they are more than average, you could not tell through the many layers that conceal their frame. Nearly no skin shows, save for perhaps a sliver of cheek, and an inch or so at their forehead and temples.A mask obscures most of their face. It could be in one of the many varieties they own (some simple and practical, others more ornate), but they all are equipped with a respirator. It emits a faint static sound, hisses when they sigh (which is fairly frequently), and muffles their already quiet, monotone voice.Ruddy hair is streaked with gray and pulled into a braid that was perhaps once tidy, but now looks unruly from activity, and soon to be undone. A triangular notch is missing from their left ear, and even more from their tail— only a small bobbed length remains.

♦ nature ♦

A conflicted, retired void hunter, sympathetic to their so-called prey, that staunchly believes in compassion and understanding. Possessing a deep respect for beasts and voidkin alike, they hunt to maintain what they perceive to be balance, and to put suffering souls to rest. This is what they tell themselves, at least, in the face of a growing literal bloodthirst, an ache to feast on the blood of the void.They stand firm in their convictions, devoted to them to a fault— men can be monsters, and beasts, what these men might call 'monsters,' can be noble. In fact they believe this so fiercely that they are not immune to bias.Stoic and reserved, they remain distant from most, though they have managed to refine their ability to maintain constructed cordiality in public. Most attempts at getting to know them better will be politely deflected, and they are extremely private, to the point of never fully removing their mask in public.Despite this mysterious facade they've constructed to keep people away, they do have a playful, impish side, and are easy to fluster.


♦ a hunt ♦

If you're troubled by a beast (or voidsent), Tal would eagerly help, despite claims that they are retired from void-hunting. They have a bleeding heart, so they are more deeply motivated by genuine trouble than simple coin, but like all they do have bills to pay.

♦ mercenary work ♦

Tal does accept generic merc work on occasion, as long as it doesn't conflict with their morals. They've taken escort and guard work before, along with more menial physical labor jobs when in a financial pinch. They know the land well due to how much time they spend tracking their prey, so they might actually make an excellent guide.

♦ wanted ♦

There are some who find their relationship with voidsent to be suspicious at best, heretical at worst. Void aether swirls within theirs, courses through their veins. While they claim it is to better hunt voidsent, that excuse understandably doesn't fly for all. It isn't unlikely for them to be confronted by someone who takes offense to this proximity to the void, or on behalf of someone who does.

♦ health ♦

Tal has permanent lung damage that requires the aid of a respirator when they exert themselves. They also in general just take lots of injuries due to their self-destructive style of fighting, so if you're someone who can patch them up, they probably almost always will be in need of it.

♦ Masks ♦

Their respirators and masks require upkeep, and they are forever on the hunt for more options. If one could provide reliable maintenance and new designs, they would be a reliable patron.

♦ animals ♦

If you travel with an animal companion or pet, they will be automatically drawn to it. They are the awkward nerd at a party who just spends the whole time petting the dog or cat.


Tal is Trans/Nonbinary and so am I. I have no tolerance for transphobia or homophobia. I am 21+, and feel most comfortable when writing partners are as well. I am most interested in mature and dark themes, though I am down for a lot of different kinds of RP as long as we communicate clearly OOCly first! For mature themes, I absolutely require the consent of all involved. Tal can be prickly and standoffish, but please do not take it personally. IC ≠ OOC, and even if I am very excited about your character, they are not warm, overly friendly, or perfect. Tal is not available romantically. If that is the kind of RP you're interested in, it may be best to look elsewhere! I am very introverted, with a limited social battery, so sometimes correspondence and scheduling RP may take me some time! I ask that you be patient with me, I am just a tired old gay. All of the artwork on this page is by me. If you want more unhinged ramblings and art about them, you can check out my twitter. Thanks for taking the time to read about my catte! ♥